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The "Pelagian"
Dive Yacht

Sample Itinerary, Schedule & Pricelist

Sample itineraries for the Pelagian:
There are different sections of the greater Wakatobi area included in our itineraries as well as cruises from Wakatobi to Bima (including Komodo), Bima to Kupang (incl. Komodo) and Bima-based Komodo cruises). The 2006 schedule includes Wakatobi cruises for the first few months of the year, then Komodo cruises for the summer and again Wakatobi crusies for the fall. The new greater Wakatobi cruises include:
• All Eastern and Southern islands: from Pulau Runduma to Pulau Moromaho
• The big reef (on the chart marked as Karang Kaledupa, but more than 50% belongs to Tomia)
• Buton diving muck diving in Pasarwajo Bay at Dongkala and possibly walls further South and North

(Note: to give you an idea of the size of the region... the Wakatobi area is roughly 14 times larger than that of the more well-known Bunaken marine park in northern Sulawesi!)

Sample 11 night trip
Diving on the Pelagian includes the best of the resort dive sites plus exciting channel current diving, deep overhang and wall diving offered in the great Wakatobi region. It's a bit more adventurous setup that's ideal for experienced divers who would like to visit dive sites further away from the resort while being pampered on the Pelagian.

Day 1    Arrival day, check dive at Table Coral City
Day 2    Four dives leaving Tomia towards South (i.e. Waitii Teluk, Pinki’s Wall, Lintea Channel, Dusk Dive inside Channel). Anchorage inside Karang Lintea.
Day 3    Pastell, Lorenzo’s delight, Channel dive (Niko’s Channel) on Western Big Reef. Anchorage inside Karang Kaledupa. Night dive inside Channel.
Day 4    Kitt’s Channel, Western Reef two dives. Anchorage at Pintu Timur and night dive at Pintu Timur.
Day 5    Binongko Fish Wall, Cavern Wall. Cruise to anchorage inside Karang Koka. Night dive at Karang Koka
Day 6   Diving around Karang Koka
Day 7   Cruise to Moromaho two dives there (no anchorage possible there) and return to anchorage in Karang Koka. Night dive at Karang Koka
Day 8   Pulau Cowo Cowo, Koromaha. Anchorage at Koromaha.
Day 9   Pulau Ndaa two dives, Treasure Chest afternoon dive (or dive small wreck east of Tomia, weather permitting). Night dive Kollosoha Beach
Day 10 Last diving day. Mari Mabuk reef one or two dives: Roma, Rose, Coral Garden
Day 11 Departure Day. Snorkelling at the resort in the morning.

Note: All cruise routes are approximate and subject to the whims of nature. Routes may be changed without notice.

"Pelagian" Pricelist 2006

This is a newly relaunched product and there is still space available but soon trips will fill up and rates will have to come up. These are the same affordable rates that she had before the conversion and they now include conservation contribution, port fees, greatly improved cuisine and much more.

Standard Cabine (2 available) U$ 2.180 U$ 2.880 U$ 3.080
DeLuxe Cabine (2 available) U$ 2.550 U$ 3.450 U$ 3.650
Super DeLux Cabine (1 available) U$ 2.650 U$ 3.450 U$ 3.850
Master Suite (1 available) U$ 2.780 U$ 3.780 U$ 4.050
Nitrox ( p.p. per trip) U$ 150 U$ 190 U$ 200

"Pelagian" Schedule 2006


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